Saturday, June 23, 2007


A whole week without me in blogland. How did you all cope? Did you find other very amusing and vaguely book-related websites to pass the time? Or have you been staring at this page for a whole week, clicking 'refresh' every five minutes, hoping a new message from me would appear?

That's how I like to imagine you all.

Well, I feel like I've been everywhere and nowhere.

Our Lady's Primary School in Manchester gave me a great morning's entertainment, then Chorlton High School, just round the corner, amused me even more. Hi to everyone there.

Hi also to the great people at Gordonstoun School up in the furthest away and possibly most picturesque corner of the entire World - the far, far North of Scotland. As a man described the location to me while I was there - "Just keep going until you get your feet wet." Thanks, Willie.

It was a beautiful place, and a lot of fun. I had plenty of chats about whisky, pigs, haggis, black pudding and Aberdeen Angus Steak. I also managed to play some of my really cheerful songs to Year 10 at Gordonstoun, in their incredible music department.

I was amazed you managed to keep smiling while I bombarded you with so many broken-heart ballads. You guys are tough. Maybe it's the black pudding. Or even the whisky - who knows.

By the way, there are now a whole load more ways you can download my music. Here are a few links (the first one is for if you have iTunes):

Me on iTunes

Take your pic - the music's the same, but the sites are different.

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