Monday, July 11, 2005

L'Esprit Manouche

I was up in Birmingham again yesterday for some old style 'Gypsy Jazz' at the L'Esprit Manouche festival. It was a whole day of wonderful guitar playing and great musicianship. The weather was amazing, the picnic (very important) was tasty and the atmosphere remarkably friendly.
One revelation that struck in an idle moment between acts was this:
A fascist, karate-expert, Butlin's entertainer who joins the army and plays baseball in Boston, then wins a stage of the Tour de France, would be a black shirt, black belt, red coat, green beret, red sock with a yellow jersey. He'd have a whole outfit. Except for the trousers. What would he need to do to get some trousers?


James Casey said...

Marks & Spencers are usually convenient.

Anonymous said...

If he was scared he might have brown trousers....

K :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this event sounded wonderful
Which of these groups do you recommend that I could find their music online to hear?

Since you are a tango lover what are your feelings about Astor Piazzola?

marianne said...

If he were the dominant partner in a romantic relationship he could be said to "wear the trousers". I don't know what colour they'd be. But at least he'd have them, which is the important thing.

Joe said...

Thanks for all the trouser suggestions. Very good.

I love Astor Piazzola! One of my favourite composers.

And at the event, my favourite two acts were Fred T Baker, doing a brilliant solo guitar set, and the Rosenberg Trio (three Dutch brothers. Unbelievably good.