Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It's Done

Quite remarkably, the new bathroom is now finished. FINISHED! I can, at last, take a shower.
I celebrated with the purchase of an impossibly soft bath mat and three back-to-back episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Work? What do you mean, work?
I'd like to pay tribute to Farshad and his incredible team for putting such heart and inspiration into the creation of a truly memorable bathroom. I'm proud to go in there and, erm, you know what.
Altogether, a memorable day for me. What was that other thing? Oh yes, today was the day that my book was published in the US.
I will now go into the bathroom to contemplate that.


Anonymous said...

Today was the day your book published in the US? then what was I reading last week at a B&N?
Looked like you on the back of the dustjacket

Felix, what a great name to use

Joe said...

When you say you were reading it at a B&N, do you actually mean that you bought it and carried on reading it at home?
I hope so!
And yes, sometimes the big stores will make a book available early.

Anonymous said...

But of course!

marianne said...

Ooh you bought the nicest of their bath mats. Respect.

James Lark said...

You didn't leave a link to say where to go if we want to review your bathmat.

D said...

I read that bathmat. It wasn't up to much. Too much fluff.