Friday, June 03, 2005


Tonight's big cup tie between Brondesbury Under Elevens and Southgate Adelaide was called off when the thunderstorm was unleashed.
It's the first game this season that has been disrupted by the weather, so I suppose we have been lucky so far. Another piece of luck: Brondesbury won the coin-toss, so now we go through to the semi-finals. My almost superhuman ability to call 'heads' at the right time has never been questioned.
Yes, the game was decided on the toss of a coin. Is that fair? Absolutely not. But with so much pressure on the availability of the grounds, there isn't much else that can be done.
I would much rather have seen the boys play the match, though.
Still, at least now I can surprise my parents by turning up on time for dinner at their house.


Joe said...

Did I mention that I'm talking about cricket?
There you go.

claudia said...

Hi joe next one can you tell them about my story and how you like thanx