Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I know you're not meant to pay any attention to reviews, but they do make a massive difference to sales of books - especially for first time authors like me. Just getting a review somewhere is wonderful - regardless of what they say about the book.
I'm delighted that so far, response to Jimmy Coates: Killer, in the UK, and Jimmy Coates: Assassin?, in the US, has been very positive.
You might have already seen these:

"A gripping action-thriller that's packed with twists." - The Funday Times.
"A totally excellent adventure - a lit bit Bond, a lit bit Matrix and a lot of what you've never read before. Someone make this into a movie!" - Flipside Magazine.

This is a new one from the American Library Association:
"Readers will cheer at Jimmy's refusal to meekly accept the "organic evil" inside him, and will flinch at the creepy subterfuge behind every aspect of his upbringing. Punches are thrown and received but no deaths occur, and Jimmy's convivial ensemble of helpful adults and peers leavens the propulsive suspense."

The only bum note has been a single negative review on the UK Amazon. "Lack of descriptive text"?! That's your criticism?

I need to annull its impact - which would happen easily if everybody who liked the book left a positive review here and here. So get to work!

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