Monday, January 24, 2005

Mediocre Bath

I just had a mediocre bath. I didn't even know baths could be mediocre. All my baths before this have rated 'Excellent' to 'Wonderful'. It turns out the bath scale goes lower than I had ever expected.
But what went wrong?
First of all, I had trouble getting the water hot enough. I think the tap is playing up.
Then, it turns out that leftover Chinese takeaway is not so easy to eat in the bath as I had anticipated. This resulted in my bathing with more beansprouts in the water than I would usually welcome.
And The Jackson 5 was not such a good choice of relaxing music.
Still, it wasn't bad, and I do feel pleasantly clean. But that's not really what baths are for, is it?


Anonymous said...

I hope your folks dont read this.
I dont think they would have allowed you to eat in the tub

Joe said...

From now on, eating in the tub is a family tradition.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty sorry story, and friends and admirers will regret the sharp fall in "tone" when they hear that you eat takeaway leftovers in the bath. What did you do with the bits of noodle that fell into the water, as they surely must have done. The always fall on the table when you eat them in the Great Wall of China Restaurant, Muswell Hill. So I presume they dived subaqua when you ate them in the bath. What then? Did you eat them? Ugh! All soapy and scummy. Did you drag them to the side and drape them over the white ledge that goes round most baths? Double ugh! Imagine picking dried noodle off the bath ledge. [what is the proper name for that ledge. Bathplat? Horizobad? Whiteflat? ] Or did you let it swim in the water, a light brown eel, threading its way between your toes? Treble ugh!

No Joe - pull yourself together, man. It was better when you stuck to eating your Chinese leftovers in the shower as you used to do.