Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Here's a teaser for you all:
Name the four countries of the world which have one syllable names.
Eire doesn't count because it's pronounced with two syllables (though correct me if I'm wrong, then name four more). Wales doesn't count because it's part of the United Kingdom.
OK, maybe Wales counts. I like Wales. I've never been to Eire.
But there are four more.
If I feel like it I'll reveal the answer in a few days.
Or, if that's too easy, try these:
Five professional UK football clubs with an 'x' in their name.
One London Underground station containing none of the letters of the word 'Mackerel'.


Joe said...

Well, somehow your comment got deleted - sorry about that. But you're right! The answer to the question is: Chad, France, Greece and Spain. Well done. And have a bonus point for suggesting Lao.
Now what about the only countries that begin in 'A' but don't end in 'A'?
As for a prize - how about a free CD? Or a signed copy of my book when it comes out (you have to wait until April for that one). Email me your address and I'll send the prize of your choice.

Anonymous said...

Too easy pet! Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

Joe said...

That was impressively quick. I'll have to think up somethnig harder...