Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm in Jersey!

And Jersey seems pretty good so far.

I've already met loads of very welcoming people (and signed quite a few books, which is even better).

If you're in Jersey too, then come and meet me at the Jersey Library on Wednesday at 4pm. I'll be doing my usual routine of ranting about anything to do with writing stories, anything you want to know about, and anything that comes to mind. I'll sign books too, of course.

And if you're really keen, then you can listen to me on Jersey Radio tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4.40pm.

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Anonymous said...

Jerseys the best i saw you when you went to haute vallee school i was the one who asked if u had a valentine and how much money u make. to prove it was me you said that you celebrate valentines on the 15th because you cooking for so long on yhe 14th and it ran into the 15th and u had dinner about 2.30 am and for how much money you make you did the glass thing i didn't realise you get so little of the full amount anyway got to go. kyle.