Monday, November 21, 2011

Call That A Leaf?

Do you all already read the blog of the excellent John Finnemore? I hope you do. You should. In any case, he just found a really big leaf and it reminded me of an even bigger leaf that once became attached to my head. Witness John's fine leaf here:

And then behold this freak of nature:
That's not even my face. It's how the plant grew.


Anonymous said...

Ah, touché. Biggest leaf winner for sure!

Pauline said...

Good leaf Joe!

And so impressed I am with that leaf, I just bought all the Jimmy Coates books from a local shop that will mail them to me in time for Christmas. Yes really! I have twin boys who eat up exciting books, and they need a REAL LOT to get through the summer (we're in Australia).

So thanks for the Christmas shopping help!

Joe Craig said...

Thanks for the comments, Sarah and Pauline.
Pauline, I hope the books go down well - let me know! Also, you have a blog called 'Jimmy the altered bean'?! This is awesome. I will spread the word.
I'm off to find more giant leaves now.

Pauline said...

Ah yes, well I have a few blogs - Cafe Gorgeous is the real one. Jimmy the Altered Bean is a writing game I invented for the kids. Worked for us. No idea if anyone else has even looked. But anything that gets a kid to say "Please can we write?" has got to be a good thing.

ferrett said...

that is one MASSIVE leaf but I don't think it grow in the shape of your face!!!!!