Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wherever They Set James Bond... That's My Home

What happens when you ask a class of keen Jimmy Coates readers to suggest locations for where a film adaptation should be set? Well, I've been temporarily 'adopted' by a class at Hove Park School as part of the Brighton Festival. I've been corresponding with the whole class by email, which has been loads of fun, so I asked them the question. Here are the results:

. Brighton- 8 people

. London- 3 people

. Egypt- 1 person

. Wherever they set james bond- 1 person

. New York- 2 people

. A deserted island- 1 person

. A little city in chicago

. A house- 1 person

. L.A- 1 person

. The beach- 2 people

I'll let you ponder on your own the story ramifications of each of these settings, but I should probably point out what eager Jimmy Coates readers will certainly spot: Jimmy's already been to New York, in Jimmy Coates: Revenge (and parts of Jimmy Coates: Sabotage as well).

He hasn't made it to 'a little city in chicago' yet though.

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