Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sorry, I don't know how to write 'Cafe' with an acute accent on the 'E'...

There are a few things that writers get excited about. A good plot, a juicy twist, an excellent cup of green tea. Maybe a new pen. Oh, actually, even better: discovering a new keyboard shortcut in Microsoft word. Yup, we're a weird bunch.

But very few things get me as excited as really good cafes. I mean the great cafes. Not just your average spots where they might have a couple of sofas and a drink or cake you like, I mean the places writers love to dream up: ambience, community spirit, warmth, ever-changing but always excellent range of food and drink... Games. Cultural moments. Crafts and activities. Space to read, write, be...

I found a few top class cafes in Australia, and I remember in Iceland there were a couple that blew me away. Then, last December there was a temporary cafe that topped them all. It topped anything I could have dreamed up.

It was more than a cafe - it was an oasis of peace and creativity, charm and originality. Quality and Quirkiness met, married and had a cafe-shaped baby. And, as if the place were designed just for me, it was positioned opposite my snooker club, remained open until midnight, and was run by two of the loveliest people you could hope to meet.

But it was temporary.


Now comes the part where I suppose I should build some tension, but hey, let's just cut to the chase: it might re-open this Summer!


Can you tell I'm excited?

Can you tell I want you to help me support this place?

Can you tell everybody you know who lives near Kings Cross that they need raise no objections to the licence applications? In fact, they should form a civilized line to tell the council how much this is a good thing for the area.

Oh, and when it does re-open, I will buy tea and cake for anybody who beats me at Connect 4 there:


Anonymous said...

a shame their caps lock button seems to be jammed...

Miriam said...

They are opening on 6th August, this Friday!