Friday, April 30, 2010

Messages from YOU

I've been trying to get through more of the backlog of messages from readers lately. Some people have been waiting for a reply from me for a really long time - sorry! I'll get there in the end.

Just thought I'd share a couple of fun ones with you.

First of all, I'm a big fan of the girl who wrote to let me know that she's working on a story of her own. Apparently it's about a 'hunted house'.

And then there's Kasper. Yup, Kasper's back. For those who don't remember, a few weeks ago Kasper was a big hit at one of my events when he became part of the show and created a new format for entertainment: Questions with Kasper.

Well, he's been in touch to warn me about a world disaster. It might be real, but then again it might be something based on the story ideas he and his classmates came up with at my event.

He now calls himself the Comedy Billionaire, which is, if you ask me, a brilliant showbiz name. He should trademark it immediately. And he says:

This is an emergency joe!
The assasins have taken over earth and one fried egg has been stolen! who can save us now?
Oh yes!
The fist granny!
she also needs help from monkey, SHERLOCK HOLMES, and whatever the last one is.

I sent him the only possible outcome of the situation, the way I see it:

Who can save us!?!? Disaster! It must be the granny with the tiny fists! She has knitted a new hat for Sherlock Holmes to wear in the fight against catastrophe but it's too big! It's come down over Sherlock's eyes and he can't see a thing! Take it off Sherlock, you fool! But he can't - it's raining and the water has shrunk the wool that the hat is made from. Now he's trapped inside his own hat. Granny is waving her fists around to try to help, but they're too small and she can't grip Sherlock's head because it's swelling up bigger and bigger inside the hat. That's what rain and wool do to the heads of great detectives. It's a well known FACT!

It's possible that I might now see why it takes me so long to reply to everybody.

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