Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I See Sometimes

OK, let's talk about BILTONG. I love biltong. It's the perfect snack - meaty, nourishing, delicious, highly portable. And now there's a new shop in Victoria Station to serve all of my Biltong needs when I'm travelling.

Trouble is you have to be travelling from Victoria Station.

Luckily I was the other day! I popped down to Brighton for the Brighton Festival, where I'd been adopted by a class from Hove Park School. Armed with enough Biltong to feed, um, myself, I launched myself to the coast. There's a whole gallery of pictures from my day here:

But there are a couple of highlights right here.

Oh, the 'worm wee for sale' picture wasn't actually from Brighton, but that also happened that week.


Kat said...

Did you buy the wee??

Joe said...

I waited around for ages but the worm-wee-sellers didn't appear. They were either on strike or just closed for the weekend. Or maybe they'd been forced to close because their new stock of worm-wee was stuck overseas thanks to the volcano. Yeah, I think that's it.
So I didn't get any worm wee. Very disappointed.