Monday, August 17, 2009

ICC Ruling Required

A bruised finger. I have one. It's the index finger on my right hand.

It looks like I've dipped the whole of the top joint, plus a bit more, into a pot of blackcurrant dye.

It hurts a little and is restricting my ability to form a satisfactory fist (so the big fight I had planned might have to be postponed) but I still seem to be able to play the piano and type without any trouble. And those are the two things I spend most of my days doing. Probably. I've never actually totted up how much I do what and when.

But back to the finger: the little pain is more than made up for by the sense of achievement. Because I bruised my finger in a noble cause: cricket. Yes, I've been playing quite a lot this Summer and it's been great. The finger was bruised while scoring a few runs, so I have nothing at all to complain about.

Meanwhile, the England selectors have yet again forgotten to include me in the national squad for a very important match. In fact, they haven't selected me for any unimportant matches either. Is it backward of me to have been waiting for a phone call? Should I have been checking my facebook invitations? Is that how they notify the players these days?

I'll get on it. Maybe I've been picked after all.

Or maybe they were going to pick me, but didn't want to risk it, what with the bruised finger and everything.

Is it worth me calling a press conference to make sure everyone knows I'm fit to play? I can hold a bat with no problem at all. It's just a fist I can't do. So I can't play a full part in the post-match punch-up. I can still kick though. And what's the current position on biting?

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