Monday, August 10, 2009

Things I Saw In Russia Part III

Here we are again, with a quick glimpse into the Russian psyche:

Yes, that's right - this is a pair of giant soft-toy mushrooms. And one of them appears to be the captain of a ship. That in the middle - that's obviously a salty sea-dog.

You can also just make out my reflection in the glass, but I don't think you can quite make out my expression, which expertly blended confusion, amusement, fear and wonder.

Actually, it was a bit like the expression on the dog.


John Finnemore said...

If you really can't tell a dog from a lion, I suggest you seriously reconsider opening that pet shop.

Joe said...

In Russia they're so tough they just have one word that means 'dog' and 'lion'. They don't need to distinguish.
Incidentally, it can also be used to mean aluminium.
It's a confusing language.

NutmegAngel said...

And English isn't confusing? I mean, who thought saying 'it's raining cats and dogs' was a good way of saying it's raining really hard?

Anonymous said...

"dog" is "sobaka" or "pyos" in Russian and "lion" is "lev".