Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Air-Con, Rickmansworth and HIROMI in New York

Air-conditioning - I love it. Well done to whoever came up with that.

It kept me alive on my way to and from Rickmansworth School today. It was a fun event this afternoon with a really bright and relaxed bunch of Year 9 students, plus a few extras from Years 8 and 10 to mix things up a bit.

I felt like it went pretty well. I was trying out a few new things. I like to vary my material as much as possible from one event to another so that they're never quite the same. Eventually, the whole show has evolved into something entirely new. There are still some days, though, when I lean back on familiar routines that I know will work. Today was the opposite - a day when I felt like throwing everything out and starting again with a completely improvised event.

Events towards the end of term are good ones at which to try new material - everybody's a bit more relaxed. So I'm pleased that it went pretty well.

Meanwhile - are any of you in New York? If so, I highly recommend going to THIS.

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