Friday, February 20, 2009

When Cultures Collide. In My Mouth.

This is a momentous day. Not because I've finished another book (I haven't) or because I've eaten more chocolate than on any previous single day in my life (I have) but because I have discovered the joyous new snack combination.

This one's really good. It's a 3-parter. (3-parters are usually the best kinds of snack, in my experience. Just enough zingy taste explosions to keep you interested, but not too much going on so you want to wipe your tongue clean and start again after each bite.)

So here goes. The three parts:



Japanese Sweet Barley Tea (served chilled)

This is an unusual snack for me, because essentially the three elements remain separate until they're combined in your mouth. I suppose this makes it a 3-parter-3-biter, as you have to imbibe each of the three elements separately. Though you don't technically bite the tea part do you? Oh well. It's enough to distinguish it from all the 3-parter-1-gulper snacks out there, like Matzah, Lemon Juice and Salt (that's an old classic) or Toast, Anchovies and Olive Oil (another old favourite).

This new snack has transformed today into a voyage of discovery. I'm considering adding lemon juice tomorrow, but I'm worried that might send it over the edge from a single great snack into two snacks combined (matzah and lemon juice is already a classic).

From there it's only one small step to a full meal.

The world of snacking is fraught with dangers like these.

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