Monday, September 22, 2008

New Shiny Things

If I never listen to Terry Callier again I won't mind. Most of you probably won't know who Terry Callier is. That's OK. Don't go rushing to listen to any samples online.

The thing is, I remember really liking his music. I remember listening to him for hours and loving it. According to my iTunes catalogue I own four albums by him. But now, whenever one of his songs comes up on shuffle, I can't stand it! I don't just not like it, I actually want to rip my ears off and chew them up and spit them out and mould the stodgy, pink gue into an effigy of Terry Callier and then stuff it into my kitchen bin.

The only other music that makes me want to do that is reggae.

Yes, all reggae.

OK, maybe not quite all. But almost all.

Strange how my tastes have changed. Makes me worry that one day I'll accidentally discover that I don't mind reggae too much any more. I shudder.

Anyway, that's all preamble to my saying - I'm back from Bath! What a great festival. Got to be one of the very best.

And I even signed my first copies of the brand new book JIMMY COATES: POWER. So new, in fact, that I don't have my copies yet. There are people out there now who must be at least half way through it and I haven't even got a copy!

It's not officially released until October 1st but there were a few copies floating around for the festival. I'm delighted to say they all sold out very quickly.

This morning I had loads of fun at Ralph Allen school. The people were right - it is a lovely school. Not at all like sucking a lemon. Nor is it like reggae. And that's two things I look for in a school: not like a lemon? Check. Not like reggae? Check.

Not even one little teensy bit?


Hi to everyone at Ralph Allen. I especially enjoyed meeting the sixth form group and helping them with exactly how NOT to tackle their English Language A-Level.

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