Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spider Season!

The garden has become Spider Central. Big fat spiders happily scurrying about making massive webs. It's really quite impressive. I counted five of them, each one taking up an entire corner of the garden. One of them has a web that's over two metres wide! HOW DO THEY DO THAT?! Do you think teamwork was involved? If so, then surely this is a momentous as that day we discovered that chimps use tools.

(By 'we' I mean we humans, and by 'chimps' I might mean apes, because I can't actually remember anything about it. I'm no naturalist. I just remember that something that looks like a monkey uses tools and apparently that's really good. Perhaps the spiders even used tools. I'll check my toolkit... Nope. Nothing missing. In fact there's an extra screwdriver I didn't know about. Hmm. Maybe a chimp is using it for storage.)

Anyway, here is one of the little construction experts:

If you know anything about spiders please feel free to identify this one. I don't mean by name. I mean his type, obviously. And I don't mean that in an anti-spider species-ist way.

I like spiders.

Some of my best friends are spiders.

We had a team of spiders in just the other day to give us a quote for a new conservatory. We didn't give them the job in the end, but it wasn't because they were spiders, OK? We just liked the other firm's glossy brochure.

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