Sunday, September 21, 2008


I feel like I'm floating slightly above the world. I'm in the beautiful Bath Spa Hotel in, surprisingly, Bath, where we're up on a hill above the town and everybody is in white towelling robes. The sky is completely clear and there are butlers hovering round every corner. It's quite restful when you get through the weirdness of it, which I did after about 4 seconds of being in the outdoor hydrotherapy pool.

A massive hi to everybody who came out to see my session in the public programme today in the Bath Festival of Children's Books ( It was a really fun session with some obviously bright kids who pickedup every idea I threw at them straight away and threw several corkers right back at me.

I hanging around (poor me) to visit a school tomorrow morning - some place called Ralph Allen school, which I look forward to finding out more about. Everybody I mention it to round here immediately gets a sly grin and sucks in some air between their teeth. But in a good way. Apparently. I think they all mean to convey that it's a nice school, but the message I'm picking up from most of them is that they've just sucked a particularly sour lemon, but they kind of love it. And that can't be true for all of them. There just aren't that many lemons.

Anyway, I tried out a whole session of new material today. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. I might bring out a few old favourites tomorrow and mix it up with some new stuff. I might also risk another picture of Sir Ben Kingsley. Or I might not. It depends how much black pudding I have for breakfast (that stuff gets me hyper. But like Bath folk and sour lemons, I kind of love it.)

Also heard a great new word today: ABSOTIVELY.

Gotta use that one.

Right, dinner isn't going to eat itself, so I'm off. I hope it will be served by butlers and spooned into my mouth by cherubim in white robes.

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Kat said...

If you did a school talk in Winchester you could stay at our house and Dan could serve you wearing his dressing gown. :0)