Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Would Bart Simpson Read Jimmy Coates? And Other Questions Addressed In An Interview With Joe Craig

A bit of chit-chat from me. I ramble on about the Jimmy Coates series, especially the latest book, Jimmy Coates: Survival.

It's great to be up on the Leicester Square TV site alongside a whole load of movie premieres. I've thought for a while that authors should go after the same media profile as actors and musicians. Maybe it's not going to happen if I keep spouting off about "the illusion of free will" in interviews...

You can check out the interview for yourself on the site, or here, on the blog of the presenter, Jeremy Jacobs.


Anonymous said...

I thought 'Survival' came out on 1 April...what's all this about 4th? Is it some sort of April Fool?

Joe said...

Yeah, that was just Jeremy slipping up. We'd been talking about the date the first book came out, in 2005, and that I'd used it for Jimmy's birthday when that came round in book 4, Jimmy Coates: Sabotage.
So yes, JC: Survival actually came out on April 1st. It was close enough though.