Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If John Mayer were mayor he'd be Mayor Mayer

Which mayor is the mayor for you?

Presumably you'd like to narrow it down to somebody who at least lives in the city where you are. And if you don't live in a city, maybe you'd like to found one by laying the foundation stone of a cathedral.

OK, so once you've done that, or moved to London, who's the mayor for you?

Well, there's a handy website to help you choose between the candidates for the mayor of London. (The election is in May.) Here's the link:


It asks you a series of questions about what your priorities are for London. If you don't live in London, just pick anything! It won't effect you! Then it tells you who you should vote for.

But I think this is the way the actual voting should be done. You answer the questions and at the end of it, the computer tells you which candidate you agree most with - and also that you've automatically voted for that person.

I wonder how that would change things...

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