Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meat and Me

Ate here last night. St John Restaurant. Renouned for 'Nose to Tail Eating' - in other words, they use any bit of the animal they like and serve it to you.

So I had a roast bone marrow and parsley salad, followed by chitterlings - the intenstines of a pig.

The bone marrow was a bit tricky to dig out of the bones, but they gave me a special skewer and I eventually got the hang of it. The stuff glooped out in a delicious, pale, quivering jelly that I spread on toast and wolfed down. If they sold it in jars alongside the jams and butters in the supermarket, I'd be hooked on it already.

The chitterlings were also delicious - with a flavour very similar to pastrami but with the texture of the best, least chewy squid. My plate was piled high with it. A huge mound of quivering, pink balls of meat, with a few shiny full stops of beetroot to break it up. It was all a bit rich for me to eat more than half the plate (especially after the amount of bone marrow I'd just consumed). But excellent nonetheless.

Then I polished off my associate's rabbit.

And, of course, the baked chocolate mousse for dessert. Mmmm...

While I'm on the subject - what do you expect a baked chocolate mousse to look like? Something mousse-y? Something more like a cheescake? Mine was what I would have called a slice of perfectly moist chocolate brownie.


Rob said...

Oh yes. I get it now. You are definitely a carnivore. Thoroughly a carnivore.

Anonymous said...

What next...goat's hoof rissole served on a bed of squirrel dandruff with sheep's spittle jus! Get a grip and eat some proper food!!! Lol!