Thursday, April 10, 2008

Be Jimmy, Meet Me

I'm appearing at another literary festival in a few weeks' time, so I thought I'd let you know so you can BOOK NOW!

It's the Linton Children's Book Festival in Linton, Cambridgeshire. I was especially keen to go to this one because it's just up the road from Saffron Walden - which is the name of a character in the Jimmy Coates books.

I've met quite a few readers who didn't realise Saffton Walden was also the name of a place. But it is. When I was at University, I always used to see the signs for Saffron Walden off the motorway and I thought it sounded like a good name - so I used it.

The Linton festival looks like it's going to be loads of fun, especially as there's going to be a Jimmy Coates-inspired Spy Mission around Linton College on the day of my event.

So if you want to try being Jimmy Coates for a day, then come and meet me, book yourself a ticket for the Linton Festival on May 11th.

Check out the details here:

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Ninja Shoetrees Pop said...

It sounds great - I'll be there!