Saturday, September 29, 2007

Haydon's all dressed up and Cuyahoga is wearing a massive moustache

I've just finished a great webchat with a great bunch of Jimmy Coates readers in a library over in the United States - Cuyahoga County Public Library. That's in Ohio, near Cleveland (which you all knew already, of course).

It was a lot of fun, and I was able to let my imagination take off a litte, picturing what these people who were asking me questions looked like.

You all had fake moustaches on. In my mind, at least.

So a big HI to all of you.

Also, a strangled scream of HEEEEEEEEEEEY to everybody at Haydon School.

I had an awesome day there yesterday. Everybody was in fancy dress - with quite a few NJ7 agents, which was great.

And thanks to Haydon's ingenuity and brilliant timing, the students there became the first people on Earth to buy copies of Jimmy Coates: Sabotage. They're reading this weekend, and I'm sure some of them will have finished it before it's even meant to have been published - on Monday!

Yup - JIMMY COATES: SABOTAGE is out on Monday.

Sneak preview? Here you go:

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