Wednesday, August 22, 2007

19 Days

It's 40 days until the release of the fourth Jimmy Coates book - Jimmy Coates: Sabotage.

I just counted.

I also counted the number of days I have available to write before my deadline for the fifth Jimmy Coates book. And because of publicity commitments and things like that, it turns out I only have 19 writing days to complete Jimmy Coates: 5.

I've made a pretty good start, but I'm upping my usual work rate by 50% to meet my deadline. (3,000 words a day instead of 2,000.) Writing words is easy. The hard bit is making sure that those words make sense and that the book is going to be good.

I've said many times that I want each book I write to be better than the one before it. That's still my plan and I'm not going to ruin it now. I'm really excited about the plot I've worked out for JC:5, so hopefully the writing should come quite smoothly.

We'll see in 19 days...

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