Monday, August 20, 2007

Potato, Potato, Potato, Alien.

Black pudding. That's the cure for too much butter in a sandwich. Plenty of black pudding for every meal, unless sushi is available. (Sushi is the cure for everything, obviously.)

Edinburgh is carrying on. The city, the festival, the people. But not the rain! Weird. Never been here in the sun before.

My public event in the festival with Carol Hedges went well yesterday. We were a decent team, I think. I went off a bit hyper and she managed to give proceedings a calm dignity. Much needed.

This morning I had a school event. That meant classes trudging through the festival mud to see me in a tent. Yup, a bit like Glastonbury. I rock that much. Maybe.

A massive hi to the classes I met this morning, especially 'Primary 7', which to me sounds a bit like a seventies tv sci-fi series with wobbly sets. If you school is anything like that, no wonder you came up with storylines involving moles that turn into an invading potato-alien army.

I wasn't surprised at all.

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