Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Take That in Tufnell Park

Still haven't unpacked.

Still no internet connection.

Still have to say a massive sorry to everybody who's been trying to get in touch with me over the last couple of weeks. Turns out I'm not going to have my internet connection back for at least another week.

I've gone through the moan barrier and reached a zen state of spiritual reconciliation with Sky. Plus they're giving me a month's free TV.

I've decided to embrace the world of Tufnell Park internet cafes. It's a strange world. And I think embracing it is going to leave sticky patches all over my jumper. But here I am. The two blokes next to me have spent the last 45 minutes discussing Take That's revival.

They're quite insightful.

1 comment:

James Casey said...

This is not good enough, Signor Craig. Oh, are you going for Sky broadband, then?

I think Take That have a new 'Best Of' out at present. Not sure if it includes the new stuff. Would bet it does, were I a betting man. Or a betting woman, for that matter. Or a betting ocelot.