Friday, March 09, 2007

Splurge for the Week

It's been another busy week, but in the scheme of things, that's starting to look normal. Let me set out the basics for you:

On Wednesday I reached the half-way piont of my seven week tour of schools. In three and a half weeks I visited 19 schools, 2 public libraries and a bookshop, speaking to nearly 6,000 students.

And there's still another three weeks to go.

I feel like I'm settling into a rhythm, but unfortunately that rhythm has very little room for blogging (or for the cricket world cup, which I really should have taken into account when I took on this crazy schedule).

So let me catch up by saying a massive 'wotcha' to everyone at:

City of London Academy,

Smallwood Manor School in Uttoxeter (where I saw thousands of bright yellow JCB trucks all lined up like a giraffe convention),

Wolfson Hillel School,

Sevenoaks School (where there seems to be a plague of leprechauns called Jake. Or Jakette.),

Bronte School in Gravesend (you guys rocked)


Monkton Prep School in Bath (oh OK, you guys kinda rocked too - especially Toby on the drums and Josh Myers, whose tennis ball I whacked over the school roof. Sorry Josh. Oh yeah, and sorry for smashing your whiteboard. Oops.)

I think the best question I was asked all week was probably: what's your favourite fruit juice.


Lychee, obviously. But with Apple a very close second.

Thanks for the smoothie quiz - almost as much fun as the horse quiz I'm still working on from when I visited James Allen's Prep School a few weeks ago.

Right, now I have to get ready for the weekend - including a gig tomorrow night with my trio.

And would this be a good time to mention that Jimmy Coates: Target comes out in the States on Tuesday?

Oh, and don't forget to grab a ticket to see me at Waterstone's St Neot's on Thursday.

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