Sunday, March 04, 2007

Guest Blogging

As if it wasn't enough having this page to rant away on, I've been invited to become a guest-blogger for the Jewish Book Week blog - here.

I was at the event this afternoon to award the prizes to the winners of the poetry competition (which I helped judge), and to hear a story from the avuncular Michael Morpurgo.

How do I guest-blog? One of the only things that keeps me blogging here is convincing myself that nobody reads the page anyway, so I can write whatever I like. Even when I get your emails about entries on here, I tell myself they're just one-offs. But the JBW blog? Poeple might actually be reading that. Hmmm... does that mean I'll have to watch what I say? To tell the truth? To be... ENTERTAINING?!

I'm going to treat this like one of those cameos on long-running sitcoms. Not that I've ever done one of those, but I've seen plenty - and a high proportion of those are from people I know I'm meant to recognise, but can't name until the credits roll and there's a big fat sign on the screen saying, 'And Guest Starring.........That Guy You're Meant To Have Heard Of. You Know Him. He Did, You Know, That Thing. He's Famous.'

What was I talking about?

You see - this can't happen on the JBW blog. I can't just go off on my own little rant. People will be expecting some kind of journalistic report on everything that happened. This could get messy.

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