Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lucky You, Lucky Me

Not much blog-space in my life this week. I've been hitting the school circuit pretty intensely. Since Dulwich (see below), I've had som great days at schools in Newham, Raynes Park, and today I was in sunny Notting Hill. Where it rained. But it was loads of fun, so that didn't dampen my day.

It's been great to meet so many students over the past week - especially ones who are so fired up about writing and cmoing up with stories. I feel like I've dipped into some pretty incredible imaginations over the last few days.

It doesn't stop now, though.

Tomorrow I'll be at St Bonaventure's Catholic School - warm up your brains for me, everyone. I'll see you for an early assembly.

And then on Thursday it's... World Book Day.

I'll be hitting Bath for some World-y Book-y and Day-ish events. Then Friday must be... Kent. I'm not even going to start on next week. I'm not turning the page in my diary until Sunday night - too much for my little mind to cope with.

I haven't even had a chance to think about the Oscars the other night. I'll have to spend some time mulling it all over and I'll let you read a little rant in a few days' time.

You lucky people.

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