Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inbali & Joe DO BOOKS - again. With a dog and a Hippo.

The lovely Inbali Iserles, author of the Tygrine Cat books (among others), has given the thumbs up to my new thriller, 'Lifters'.

There's also a brief cameo from Harpo, the lazy brown donkey, and a Hippo who seems to want to steal the show.

See the video review here:


ferrett said...

hi joe cant wait to read your book it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ferrett said...

hi joe seems like im the only one who has commented so far !!!!!!!!!

Joe Craig said...

Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated.

ferrett said...

hi joe glad you read my comments

Joe Craig said...

Of course I read them! I read all the comments, but sometimes it takes me a while to get to them. I have to reply to people's emails, tweets and facebook messages too.

Kat said...

hi joe, hi ferret,ever since you came to my school i have been addicted to reading your blog and am determined to read ALL your books. if you read the comments, will you answer a question for me?:
Do you recommend any other great authors books?

Joe Craig said...

Hi Kat,
I could recommend loads of books, but it really depends what you're into! If you want books that are in the same genre as Jimmy Coates or aimed at a similar audience then I made a little list on this page on my website:
But you might not be into that kind of stuff. My own favourite authors are Paul Auster, Nabokov and Robert Ludlum but without knowing you it's hard to recommend anything particular!
You should also check out all of the authors on who are excellent and write in a variety of styles and genres. Anyway, hope that helps.

Robin said...

Hypnotised by the hippo. He did the best Joe Craige impression I have ever seen.

You have the makings of a great double act. Harpo and Hippo.