Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Landmark

I made a little video last night to mark the occasion of my facebook fanpage going past 5,000 fans.

If all goes well you should find it in the little box just beneath this clump of writing. It's about 8 minutes long, so probably best to make yourself a cuppa before embarking on it. Also, the pace slackens off in the middle bit so you have to slog through that to reach the song at the end. Yes, really, there's a song at the end. Sort of. There are some finger puppets in there too, so, y'know, enjoy those.

I'm not really very good with finger puppets. You'd think that a person who plays the piano would have better control of the fine movements of his puppeted fingers, but actually, on me, finger puppets tend to look like they're suffering some kind of physical breakdown and rigor mortis at the same time. But in this case maybe that's a good thing, because these particular finger puppets are of Jedward. If you don't know what Jedward is, for the sake of all that's merciful and good in the world please don't google it. Just be happy not knowing.

The other thing about this video is that at the beginning my voice is about half an octave higher than it usually is. "Hello!" I squeak. After a few seconds I settle into a more natural rhythm, but once you've started at that high pitch you can't just suddenly revert to your normal voice or it'll sound weird. So I sort of gently glide down to my more comfortable range across the 8 minute stretch of the video.

And none of that is information you needed, but it might add to your enjoyment of the 8 minutes of your life that follows.

Oh, and I should also add: a huge thank you to my 5,000 supporters on facebook for being excellent people of noble heart and massive brain. You all rock. Now go find me 5,000 more so I can make another video and do it properly...


Kat said...

awesome song- thanks for all the book suggestions last post I will try some out and see if I like them.

ferrett said...

you sounded really fake in that compared to when you did a live talk at my school!!! i can only judge cause i saw you live