Thursday, November 23, 2006

Funny Funny Day

Happy Birthday to my favourite Marx Brother, and possibly the funniest man of all time - Harpo Marx.

Got four minutes spare? Then check out the Marx Brothers trying to get off a boat disguised as Maurice Chevalier. It's worth it, I promise - click here.

Hello also to everyone at UCS Senior School, where I visited yesterday as part of the amazing 'Beyond Words' festival. And a quick apology to form Ser - I think I forgot to sign your books! I was so distracted by being back at my old school. But don't worry - I'll arrange to come in again and sign them all for you soon.


James Casey said...

Harpo Marx - couldn't agree more. Peerless.

James Casey said...

I love the tie-clipping in Duck Soup... in fact, Harpo in all of Duck Soup.

Joe said...

Ah, the tie-clipping. 'Peerless' is the right word.

I couldn't find a clip of it on youtube, but there's a fantastic piano duet between Harpo and Chico in the otherwise mediocre movie 'Big Store'. I'll lend you the DVD.