Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Items teachers would take on 'Ready, Steady, Cook'

Two lovely schools in two busy days. Yesterday I was at Clore Shalom and this morning I dropped in on Holland House, where I went for one of my very first school visits almost 18 months ago.

So hello, everyone at both those schools. Thanks for looking after me. I really enjoyed all the story ideas, and I hope you'll all write some of them down.

When I started writing, I never imagined that I would get the chance to see the inside of so many staff rooms. It's quite fun. It still feels like I'm not meant to be in there, so I take the chance to have a good look around and gather all the secrets I can about the staff.

I've seen some very strange things in teachers' in-trays over the past couple of months. I won't tell you which schools I saw these things at (I'll save that for when I have to blackmail some teachers), but I do wonder why staff, at work, have been giving each other things like:

-pots of honey.
-a bottle of Jif lemon juice.
-packs of cards.
-stamps (OK, maybe that one makes a bit of sense).
-every different variety of fruit that you could name.
-guitar strings.
-DVD box sets of American TV series about Vampire Slayers.
-cuddly toys (mainly ducks and chickens, but a couple of bears as well).
-spray paint.
-a bottle of balsamic vinegar.
-roofing tiles (at least, I think that's what they were).
-tennis balls.
-cricket balls.
-rice balls (I'm not kidding).

Or have all of these things been confiscated from pupils? If so, fair enough, but, er, why confiscate honey?

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