Tuesday, October 17, 2006


For a collection of weird and wonderful reasons, I found myself desperately needing to buy a noseplug yesterday afternoon. You know - the little things that synchronized swimmers put on their noses to look stupid and stop water going into their tiny little brains.

But Lillywhite's had sold out. Can I just take a moment to say what horrible store Lillywhite's has become? I used to enjoy going there, but on the last couple of visits it's been a nasty scrum of inconsiderate people. The whole place is a mess, and they seem to have arranged the stock to deliberately minimise the amount of space there is for people to walk around, just to see how the thousands and thousands of visitors manage it.

Shall I go on? Why not. I haven't had breakfast yet, and I'm in the mood for a rant.

There aren't enough members of staff to tell you where things are - and you need them because they seem to have hidden the signs. And when you can find someone, they're all a bit rude. Then came the final straw - they'd sold out of noseplugs.

How can you sell out of noseplugs? Was there a rush on that day? Was there an international synchronized swimming event going on in the Piccadilly fountains that I didn't know about? Surely when you're getting low on noseplugs, it's not hard to order some more so that you always have at least a couple in the shop. They're not exactly going to take up space in the stock room.

Lillywhite's - you've failed me. And I don't think you even tried very hard.

On a brighter note, I've started the gradual overhaul of my website, starting with the simpler, streamlined 'Words' section. Check it out. There should be room for loads more content now. Starting with this.

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