Friday, October 13, 2006

Science Questions

You know when you're in a car and the insides of the windows steams up?

Why don't our eyes steam up as well? And if there's a really obvious reason, then why don't they just use that method to stop the windows steaming up.

I'm sure loads of you are going to tell me it's because we blink. Well is it? If you kept your eyes open for a really long time in a steamy car, would your eyes steam up then? Would they? No. And I've never had the experience of my eyes getting nearly steamy before I put in a big blink and clear them. So don't give me 'blinking'. You're wrong.

But let's take blinking - surely the equivalent for a car is windscreen wipers. Why don't they put a specially designed type of windscreen wiper on the insides of the windscreen? It would be much more efficient (and quiet) than the fan (even though the fan in my car is actually really good - it wasn't in my old car).

So there you go - two questions. Why don't our eyes steam up and why don't they put wipers on the insides of the windscreen.

Best answer will win a mini-tube of mentos - at my discretion.

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