Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Have a Question

Why aren't moths extinct?

They navigate by keeping the night's main light source (ie the moon) in the same place relative to them. This means that when there's an artificial light, they end up spiralling towards it because they think it's the moon, and they think they're flying in a straight line. Thus, they frazzle and die.

OK, so in the country maybe there are still areas where there isn't much artificial light - great (for the moths). But why are there still moths in London? They should have all died out decades ago. There's nowhere in any major city where you could possible navigate by the moon. You would always end up spiralling into an artificial light. Even if you don't frazzle and die, surely you'd be incapable of finding any food, because you can't fly in a straight line.

So why are there still moths when I open the window at night? Haven't they died out yet?

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