Thursday, July 27, 2006

Where Is Everybody?

It looks like the proprietors of all the blogs I usually read have gone off on holiday. I don't think they've all gone together, but it's possible, isn't it? Anyway, this leaves me vainly checking with half a dozen blogs for new posts.

I'm blog bereft, blog bothered and blog bewildered. I think I'm the only blogger left in the country. I should add that I don't really mind being the only person left in the UK - I have only just got back from a month in Sydney, and the weather here is incredible. But still, can't these people take just a moment out of their busy holidays to put up a new blog entry?

Selfish fools. Especially when there's so much to blog about:

-Mickey Spillane died - author of some great detective fiction, some of which was turned into great film noir, like Kiss Me Deadly.
-Yesterday there were about a million celebrity birthdays, including Kevin Spacey, George Bernard Shaw (though he's dead, so not much celebrating for him), Aldous Huxley (also dead), Stanley Kubrick (dead), Mick Jagger (will probably never die), Blake Edwards (is he still alive? I think so), and Sandra Bullock.
-England are playing Pakistan at Old Trafford.
-ITV's new Saturday night entertainment show has been cancelled after just one episode. Was it that bad? And if so, surely they knew that before they broadcast it? And how can anything with Phillip Schofield be worse than Love Island?
-Today is the anniversary of Ernst Lubitsch's (that's pretty hard to say) marriage to Vivian Gaye. Now surely that's got to be blog-worthy.

You're missing all this good stuff, people!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are reading the wrong blogs. Diamond Geezer is the first thing I read every day. Highly recommended.