Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reading Mission

Yesterday was a day for going to the beach. So I'm amazed that people still came out to meet me and listen to me ramble on about story-telling when I visited Dorchester and Lyme Regis libraries. It was all part of the 'Reading Mission', in which libraries encourage everybody to read books about spies, or adventure books, or generally just any books.
I met a whole bunch of really friendly people - maybe the sunshine and sea-air puts smiles on every face. Lyme Regis was beautiful, and a part of me wanted to run down to the beach myself and find that man who gave me a fresh lobster when I visited a couple of years ago. When I say 'fresh', I also mean cooked and ready to eat. Mmmm.
But instead I had to spend five hours slogging back to North London on the train and the tube. They should hand out lobster on the platforms.
Well, at least I had plenty of time to read.

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