Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot Hot Heat

So hot. Many many degrees.
Apparently it's 33C/91F today in London.
I'm so glad I don't work in an office. I can surround myself with ice cubes and lick Haagen Dazs out the tub all day long. An excellent way to work. Except that my computer keyboard is a little sticky from the dribbling.

Anyway, on a scorcher like today, why not check out Oli Rockerger's new website? He's an English singer/songwriter making waves in New York City. Turn on your speakers, sit back and listen to some of his tunes:

Once you've done that - get outside and play cricket! That's what I did this weekend, and I'm pretty pleased with how I did. But I don't want to boast, so I won't tell you about my tidy knock of 70, or the three massive sixes I hit, or the wicket I took with my first ball.

I certainly won't mention the fact that my team still lost.

But at least the weather was good.

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