Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sign My Shoe

I met a whole bunch of people today at Holmesdale College. For some reason most of them wanted me to sign their shoes. Is that significant? Am I missing out on something because nobody has ever signed any of my shoes?
Maybe I should sign my own shoes. I've got to say - once I'd signed a couple of shoes, I started feeling like Michael Jordan. His is the only signature I've ever seen on shoes.

Actually, hold on a minute - now that I've started looking I've found a few more signed shoes:

1. Russell Simmons (the 'godfather of hip-hop')
2. I've no idea who this is.
3. Some guy called Bill Russell.
4. Mr Nastase
5. Shania Twain (no offence Shania, but I can't think of any reason why anybody would want these except you.)
6. Roger Federer (who must have really small feet.)

So there you go. Turns out there are lots of signed shows out there. I did, however, refuse to sign socks. It's been a hot day, and it could have got a bit disgusting.

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