Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Monday Night Football

Hi to everyone at JFS, where I spent most of the day today. Apparently it's the largest secondary school in Europe, but it had a great community atmosphere, and my visit was a lot of fun.

It was certainly more fun than the Switzerland v Ukraine match tonight. The only entertaining thing about it was listening to the commentators on Five Live struggling to find new ways of describing how dull the game was. They did very well. A couple of choice exchanges went like this:

1st Commentator: "This game really is dour in the extreme."
2nd Commentator: "I don't think it's even that good."


1st Commentator: "After nearly two hours of torture, I think the fans deserve the excitement of a penalty shoot-out."
2nd Commentator: "Well I'm hoping for a last minute goal so I can go back to the hotel."

Yes, it was a gem of a game.

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