Saturday, June 24, 2006

Three Times Distraction

Three things have taken over my brain and my time this week. The first I've already mentioned: Guess My Number (see below). The second is my World Cup Wall Chart.
It's not so much the World Cup, it's actually the wall chart. I've never had a wall chart before, and I've become quite obsessive about filling everything in. Should be easier now that we've reached the knock-out stages.
Oh, by the way, today's piece of World Cup Trivia: since England won in 1966, we haven't lost a game in the knock-out stages of a World Cup to anybody except Brazil, Argentina or Germany. Does that mean we'll win? Of course not. But it does mean we can grumble a lot about losing in some supposedly 'unlucky' way when really it's because we weren't good enough.
The third thing is a book. While I haven't been filling in, analysing and, er, decorating my Wall Chart, I've been reading Stuff by Jeremy Strong. It's addictive and hilarious. I recommend it.

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