Friday, June 02, 2006

Grape Mentos

Mellow yet intense, warm, dark, strong, soothing, fruity - a little like Australia itself.
Sort of.
Why is there no Mento tasting course? Everybody goes on and on about wine, but the really good stuff is small, round, coated in sugar, and composed almost entirely of weird chemicals intended to make your tongue quiver. Plus a drop of fruit juice.
Australia seems to have the most diverse Mento selection of any country I've been to. More diverse even than the USA. They have tubes of Mento sours everywhere here. I haven't been brave enough to try them again, since the chemical tongue-scorching I suffered a while back. (Check the blog archives for more on that.)
They don't seem to have cinnamon flavour here, but that's prabably my least favourite Mento flavour. And grape is now up there among my favourites.
So well done Sydney for providing me with Mentos.
But the real sweet shock of my trip here so far has been the tictacs - Passionfuit Mint flavour! That's ONE flavour: Passionfruit AND mint - TOGETHER!
They're pretty tasty.

I've stocked up on all kinds of sweets for the weekend because I'm heading out of the city. Destination: Kangaroo Island.
I have to say - they're pretty good at naming islands here. They have a Shark Island and a Goat Island too - and that's just in Sydney. Shark and Goat are both more exciting than, say, 'Canary'. Anyway, Kangaroo Island is a proper island a couple of hours plane journey from here - or 'off Adelaide', as I think I heard someone say. Possibly an Australian.

My mission for the next three days is to stroke as many marsupials as possible. Plus a Sea-Lion.

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