Monday, May 29, 2006

Elton's Faun

Wow - Crown Street School was fun. I spent about an action-packed hour with Years 5 and 6, who managed to surprise me at every turn with their story about Elton John and the violent, tree-house hijacking faun who wanted to serve poor Elton his own mother's head on a plate. Sounded like the start of an epic fantasy saga to me.
Maybe Garth Nix should get his notebook out.
I was delighted to be so well looked after - and quite moved to see in the entrance hall a large photo of one of Crown Street's old pupils, Victor Trumper, the great cricketer from the beginning of the Twentieth Century. A lovely thing to see.
As I was looking at it, I was pulled back to the Twenty-first Century by a girl being rushed through the hall by her friends, with blood pouring from her nose. It was quite volcanic, but she seemed to be pretty brave about it.
A few minutes a younger girl appeared, sat beneath Victor Trumper, and cried because she was worried about her big sister. After a minute of that, her sister hadn't appeared from being treated in the office, so she shrugged, wiped her eyes, and bounced back out to the playground.
Probably to pick up a cricket bat.
They make 'em tough in this part of the World.
Which makes me wonder how the older girl got a bloody nose in the first place.

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