Thursday, June 08, 2006

Animals, Year Sevens, Sushi - loads of stuff, basically.

Kangaroos everywhere! I never thought I'd see so many Kangaroos. But I suppose the place was called 'Kangaroo Island' so what did I expect?
Wallabies too. Unbelievable. There were so many, that by the end of the weekend it had become completely normal that when I wandered out of the front door of our little shack, there were half a dozen Kangaroos staring at me.

But the thing about Kangaroo Island is that they could have called it 'Seal Island', or 'Koala Island' or even 'Echnidna Island'. It was like being on Mars, surrounded by alien life forms. Loved the seals and sea-lions especially. But of course, I didn't stroke any of them - it didn't seem polite. They were busy lying on the beach like giant slug, occasionally yawning, rolling over, or, well, mating.

Anyway, I made it back to Sydney and went in search of even more wildlife - I visited McCarthy College out in Emu Plains (sadly no Emus, but plenty of Year Sevens and Eights). Thanks for the warm welcome and enthusiasm, folks. I'll have to try and remember our story about Bob the Chicken and Margaret the Hen. I seem to remember it involved an evil cockerel stealing all the corn, and something about cannibalism...

Then today I was at Newington College to meet students, talk about writing, and introduce my books. It was a really fun day. I felt like I was surrounded by scores of authors-in-the-making. I wouldn't be surprised.

So what would be the perfect way to celebrate a great week? Hmm... How about some delicious sushi? OK, fine, but what if the sushi restaurant was also a jazz club? That sounds good. But what if, even better, they let me play the piano for a bit? That would be great. And how about after that, I get taken on a weekend trip to Byron Bay for some sand, sunshine and surfing? Now you're talking.

If only were real...

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