Monday, June 12, 2006

Sydney Airport a little dull I'm afraid. The international terminal, anyway. The domestic terminal is great - I went through there again this week on my way to sunny Byron Bay! Where it rained.
But it was also a little sunny, so that's OK. And I built an amazing fort on the beach. Well, it was the beginnings of one. But then the tide came in and I realised that I had chosen a site just a few centimetres too close to the sea. As many Kings have discovered before me, if you choose the wrong site for your castle, your Kingdom soon crumbles.

Anyway, being in Sydney International does of course mean that my incredible Australian expedition has come to an end - aaaaaaah. Looking forward to a glorious English Summer.

I also want to put on record my two predictions for the second half of this year. I'm always predicting things, and when one in a million of my predictions comes true it's very frustrating that nobody believes I predicted it in the first place.

First prediction is about the World Cup (obviously). Everybody knows Brazil will win, and of course I would love it if England won, but if by some massive fluke neither of those things happened, then here's my prediction: The Czech Republic will win the World Cup. Don't ask me to explain it - just tuck it away for a rainy day in a few weeks' time when it comes true. Then I'll tell you how I did it.

Prediction number two: erm, actually I think I want to keep this one secret. You see, telling everyone what it is might give somebody else an idea about how to make lots of money out of it. So I thought I might get someone I know to make lots of money out of it and then they can give me some, and THEN I'll tell everybody I predicted it. There you go. That's the plan. But here's a clue: you know how poker suddenly became massively popular when I'd been playing it for years? Well, using the same incredible techniques that tell me the Czech Repubplic will win the World Cup, I have worked out what the next big game/pastime is going to be. It could take a couple of years, but it'll happen. And I'll be there (probably somewhere in Prague, with the World Cup winners of 2006) mumbling 'I Told You So' into my gluwein.

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