Saturday, April 01, 2006

Garden Suburb Juniors

Massive hello to everyone at Garden Suburb Junior School - especially Year 6. It was great to meet you today. I enjoyed finding out about Chicken Dory and how he manages when he gets turned inside out and very very slowly plucked.

By the way, it is unusual for a chicken to have 'Chicken' as a first name? Sure, I've met chickens with 'Chicken' as a last name - Gary Chicken, Mike Chicken, Conchita Chicken etc. One big flappy family. But I've never met a chicken called 'Chicken' as a first name. And wouldn't it be 'Chicken Chicken'?
But then what would happen if it married another chicken with the 'Chicken' surname and they wanted to go double-barrelled?

And why is the term for two people marrying each other and merging each other's names a term derived from shotguns? What does that say about the English attitude to marriage?

Better to be a chicken maybe.

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