Wednesday, February 15, 2006

At Last...

...Smoking is going to be banned in public places in the UK.
Great news for me.
As a musician I've often had to sit for hours in a bar or club while the people I'm playing for slowly kill me with their smoke.
Usually my only answer is to play 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes', or 'Misty', or 'Every Breath You Take', or anything by Smokey Robinson. Just one of the many ways I entertain myself while playing the piano for money. Yes, we musicians have quite a humour.

Although, now there won't be any ashtrays around, where will I collect tips? I'll have to invest in a jar. That'll be fine until they ban jam. But I don't see that happening for a while. Though maybe I should email my MP just in case. It's always good to email your MP about jam.

And I'm going to enjoy eating out a lot more now.
So I'm very pleased today. I'm smugly chewing on some Mentos to celebrate (Blue Raspberry flavour). My tongue might disintegrate from all the chemicals, though, so I'd better take it easy.

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StarGazer said...

In Seattle, Washington (USA) we recently passed a ban on smoking within 25 feet outside any business doorway as well as inside any building. It caused quite a stir but hey, we're progressive.